Dead Battery - 95 Mustang GT Charged then went dead - Help!


Mar 9, 2006
San Diego
I am working on a 95 Mustang gt, The battery went dead all of a sudden, I then took the battery out and charged it over night. Next day I hooked it back up and it started good, But the battery guage read kinda lower then it used to be. Drove it around for that day, Battery guage geting lower by the night. Tryed to start it up the next day and nothing, dead again. It would not jump start today so I am curently charging the battery. I am planning on checking the voltage on the B+ terminal on the alternator when I have a charged up battery. Any other tests I can run? The battery is a month old, and the alternator was replaced about 2 years ago.
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Your test sounds good. In general, make sure the alt is putting out over 13 volts ( a fully charged battery is good for ~12.66 volts). On cold start-up, you should see ~14.5 volts of alternator output.

A bad battery is also not at all out of the question. And if needed, it'd probably be a freebie swap since it's so new.

Good luck.