December 2009 FOTM Vote!!!

Which crustang tickles your fancy??

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Dec 25, 2007
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Please read the rules before voting!

1. You can nominate any Stangnet member’s ride for FOTM provided said vehicle has not been declared a winner in the last 12 months.

2. You can nominate one and ONE ride only.

3. You cannot nominate or vote for yourself.

4. If you make a nomination, you are responsible for posting pics IN THE SAME POST YOU MADE THE NOMINATION. You are also responsible for notifying the one you nominate via PM or email so they can have a fair chance of taking and posting the required pics.

5. A nomination thread will be created at the beginning of each month in which pics can be submitted when nominating a ride. After seven days, the nominees will be entered into a voting thread which will contain a poll. There will be a second poll only if there is a tie.

6. It is preferred that at least three pics be presented when nominating so that other members can adequately judge the vehicle and thereby vote for it in the poll.

7. Do not second a nomination. All nominated rides will make the poll!

8. FOTM winners will be eligible for FOTY.

9. Nominees who do not win can be nominated again the following month and so on.

10. The member must still own the ride.


1. Nominees must be active contributors to Stangnet. This means you must be an active poster on the forums. This rule was decided upon by Staff. It is not negotiable.

2. In order to be declared a winner for FOTM, the ride must have received the most number of votes in the poll (obviously).

3. The owner of the vehicle must be able to provide at least one exterior pic, one interior pic and one engine pic! It is not necessary to provide more than six total pics although the previous criteria must be satisfied!

Lead FOTM Administrator: ~FrankenStang~
Co-FOTM Administrator: 1991notchbackLX

Administrator must direct voters to read the rules before voting.

(rules officially updated 12/13/08)

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