Deer 1, Mustang 0 LE TEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it came to $4.56 and i got $0.44 change from a 5,
Apr 22, 2003
VA Beach
watchin the game and that american idol reject comes on to sing so i'm like i'ma go get some ice cream and this happens... STUPID DEER... and then like 10 minutes later it gets up and strolls back into the cornfield... and to the amazemnt of many of you i was going the speed limit!!!!! :bang: :mad: :bang: :chair: :flame: :uzi: :mad: :bang:




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Feb 28, 2003
Ripley, Ohio
My first wreck gave me a reason to get smoked headlights, cervini's hood/bumper, foglights, etc. Just don't catch the bug like I did. Shortly after a $1500 estimate from a body shop, I spent over $5000 on the above mentioned parts and a procharger


Jul 5, 2003
Danbury, CT
yeah, my brother was driving along in his 01' GT conv and a deer came out on the road, he came to a dead stop, and then the deers buddy (apparently drunk) walked right into his car, and his chin hit his glass, but he didnt even scratch his paint. he made a crack in the glass that ran about 7-10 inches long. were pretty bad on glass, hes gone through an extra pane of glass in each of his two mustangs and hes only 18... :bang:
i hope i can be so lucky as to get away with minimal damage.
seriousely you can make that stuff up, hes not stupid, if something else had happened, or it was an act of childish vandalism, he could have made a better excuse, lol
you might wanna get ponies that run the rightway next time? or get some cool "3.8" emblems from


i just hate it when i blow too much, cause then i
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Sep 26, 2001
Honolulu, HI
ganador01 said:
don't...just get a check from them and pay for the items entire car is what it is today because of insurance paying for it...not


if you're insurance company is reasonable, give them an estimate from a body shop and they should just cut you a check (basically cash) for the amount minus your deductable. then its yours to do whatever you want with it. you can blow it all on coke and hookers if you so desire...


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Feb 13, 2002
Buffalo, NY
splatteredguts said:
you can blow it all on coke and hookers if you so desire...

As always, I'd expect nothing less in a response from you! Nicely put!!!

If you can get a quote from a body shop, try to see if they'll order the stuff for you, that way the invoice and all works out for investigative purposes. I don't know how anal insurance companies have become as the last claim I put in was for a windshield four years ago.

I'm sure you are well aware the differences in OEM and after market retailers on parts. I know you can save at least $200 on that quarter panel righ there.

1994-04 Ford Original Front Fender
Item #LRS-1600 $229.95
1979-04 Reproduction Front Fender
Item #LRS-1600 $89.95
5.0Resto prices miunus shipping.

I'd fight tooth and nail for the check. BTW, did you have clear corners or not? If not PM me.


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Dec 25, 2003
Pensacola, FL
at the track horses typically always run the course in a counter-clockwise direction, thus being left to right. putting the pony emblem going right to left is the way of saying it's not one of the tamed jockey horses, it does what it wants.

but i have a question. how exactly did you hit this deer, or did it hit you? it looks like it T-boned you, lol. Or did you just hit it with the corner of your car?

Just be glad you weren't in the mood for some venison soup and left it on the road, instead of in the backseat of your car, know like that ray stevens song "deer slayer"