Don't ever do buisness with AMP in AZ

Don't ever do buisness with AMP in AZ
First off let me give you the scenario. After spending over 15,000 dollars at this shop one of the guys on my local board went to the shop to see the progress they had made on his car aftr having it in the shop for way way too long. He brought some friends with because they wanted to see the car and the progress that had been made. the guys that own the shop rip people off on a regular basis and don't understand customer appreciation. I myself spent over 3000 dollars there before I realized what a ****ty operation it was. Here is the story that was posted on my local forum. All of the witnesses are pretty heavily involved in the racing scene in Arizona. DON"T EVER DO BUISNESS WITH ALL MUSTANG PERFORMANCE. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!! THEY MIGHT ALSO TRY TO FIGHT YOU IF YOU QUESTION THEM ABOUT THEIR PRACTICES.

So we (DustinM, PBR, ViperKiller, Racergirl and myself) were checking out Dave (VK's) busted motor. . . and all is as well and good as the situation would allow for about 25 minutes. . .

Then the owner, John Thompson comes out to hand Dave his sunglasses that I assume he left there awhile back. Dave thanks him and the guy kind of looks around.

Let me paint the picture:

We're kind of standing in a ****ed up shaped circle with let's just say me in the middle. Going clockwise (me at about 6) it goes Tom Thompson (Co-owner, John's son - 30, about 6'2'' I'd say, 200-220 pounds), PBR, John Thompson, dave, dustinM, and then racer girl is next to me completing the circle.

Dave and Tom had been discussing (I don't know if argue is too harsh a word) about shipping the blower to Vortech, and dave said he wanted a second opinion first. Tom agreed that that's exactly what he would do, and Dave asked about shipping it back to Vortech. Here's where things started to heat up a little.

Dave basically said that he wanted to ship it out from Tucson to Vortech so he didn't have to run back up to PHX just to deliver the blower. Tom said that was fine with him. Dave asked if he would be compensated for the cost of shipping, Tom said smugly "Not if you ship it yourself, we won't do anything for you. If you let us ship it then we can." Something about a PGB or something number or whatever he can explain that.

Somehow something pissed off John (old man, about 5'10'' I'd say, but being so high up I'm a lousy judge of height) - and he pointed to the 4 of us OTHER than Dave and said "you, you, you and you get out right now!" and he sounded pretty irate.

I never move until someone else moves first - mainly because I didn't know where to go. Tom got right in my face, toe to toe with me, and I said "can you please back up off me" (yes, I said please).

Out of NOWHERE! Tom shoves me hard (I believe I feel chest pains and my shoulder hurts a little - honest) and I go to my right. I look at him and at this point I'm beginning to have a panic attack and an anxiety attack. My adrenaline is also starting to flow quite quickly. Tom says "didn't you hear my dad say get out?" and I know that if some one was endangering **Note- I never raised a hand or clenched a fist during this entire time** my dad, I'd pummle the **** out of them no questions asked. I backed off and walked out of the store, as asked.

John followed close on my heels, as did DustinM and Racergirl, I believe PBR was there too but I can't recall at the moment.

John once again got toe to toe with me and told me to get off his property. I asked the VERY valid question "Why?" and he responded harshly with "because I own it and I said get out." I said that was fine because I was going to call the police and report their actions. He somehow took that as a threat, and let me know that I had just threatened him As of now my heart is beating very fast, I don't know what to do, so I make my way to my car and head across the street to call the police.

I gave the dispatcher my location, my cell number, and told them what had happened. I was fully expecting them to come to me as well as the the people at AMP. I waited with Racergirl for approx. 105 Minutes and never once saw the police. Apparently they showed up 5 minutes after I had left the building, and left without talking to me.

I'm going to file any and all charges I can with John Thompson and Tom Thompson and All Mustang Performance Performance. Know that I am not looking for any monetary settlements what-so-ever, and I have never had bad dealings with either of them prior to this point in time. In fact, I've purchased things for friends through the AMP junkyard, and I was going to go through them to get the Nitrous kit put on my 98 V6 Stang. I have been there a few times, and never in my life have I seen anything like this.

I just want you guys to know how AMP treats people. This company is honestly ****ing pathetic, and I want each and every one of you to know how they are. There is more behind why we were there, and if Dave wants to post that (and I encourage him to) I will add this on to my post. Thanks for reading.
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I've bought many parts from them, always worked out great. They've always been good to me and have always been willing to help with any problems I may have. I've known John, Tom, and Bob a long time due to us having a shop positioned between their salvage yard and amp. I bought my 1st mustang from Bob, and it was great, it got me into the mustang world and out of the watercooled VW scene before it took a dump. Tom's an awesome guy, and him and his employees have always helped me out. Being in the repair/salvage business myself, I know how things can go. I understand your points, but I for one will continue to do business with them. I get a lot of things wholesale myself, but sometimes I go there and get it from them anyway. Not trying to discredit your post, and I am sorry it happened, I just need to share my positive experiences with them. They've always had my back, and it's appreciated.
I went to the salvage yard to pick up some random pieces for my car and when I got there nothing was even in "decent" quality.... needless to say I didn't spend my money or any more time there... I wasn't impressed and I wouldn't reccomend going.. but I never had any physical confrontation....
Not trying to take away from your bad experience but I just ordered over $2K worth of stuff from Tom (TKO600 and other goodies) and I have to say that I am more than pleased with AMP. Tom even price matched and gave me discounts on a few of the items. Everthing came as ordered and within two days... I live in California. :nice:

Badong..were you the one with the big ass truck? I think I was in there when you picked up your stuff having subs put on my cobra. If so, nice truck!...Let me know how that 600 works out, I may replace my 3550 with one.
You arent the first person that I have heard of that is almost gotten in fight with them. I knew a guys that took his AODE in there to get a level 10 tanny or something like that. Well all he got back 2000 dollars later was his same tanny with a shift kit that wasnt install right. He was with his wife when he picked it up and when he questioned them, they circled around him and kicked him out. They also said dirty things to his wife. He is also sueing them. I have never had any problems with them. They have always been nice and gave me good deals. I just use them for parts though. I have only had one thing done there. I like to do my own work or someone I really really trust. Most shops outhere don't know what they are doing.

It appears that the difference in experiences depends on whether you went there just for parts, or for service.

My only experience with them was a time I was in the area and stopped in to talk with them about a detonation problem with my wife's '98 GT, and the possibility of having them work on it. I was not impressed with their technical knowledge and, while they weren't quite to the point of being rude, they didn't seem very interested in gaining a customer.

I haven't been back, and from what I am learning about their business practices, I won't ever be going back.
Nik_95Cobra said:
Badong..were you the one with the big ass truck? I think I was in there when you picked up your stuff having subs put on my cobra. If so, nice truck!...Let me know how that 600 works out, I may replace my 3550 with one.

Nik_95Cobra: Actually that wasnt me in the truck. I had everything shipped to me in California.

Can't wait to get the 600 and new DSS 306 put together and dropped in.

I'll let you know how 600 works out.
It seems to me that if you get a big operation done then they tend to rip people off. I've both bought parts from them and have had them install parts and I have never had any problems. I'm sorry to hear that you and your friend got ripped off that sucks. I am now friends with a guy who worked at AMP for along time. I asked him does AMP rip people off and he said "To a certain point yes but every car place does to some extent" and that is from an ex worker at AMP.
Whats been up with your car?

First the starter went out, won't say on here how much but they definately hooked me up with another one. Then their guys worked for a long ass time trying to strech my 275 nitto dr's over my 10.5 rims and balance em all, and were successful. Had to do that cause earliest any of my sources will have a 315 in stock is the 20th. Thy also hooked me up with bullitt centercaps for waaaaay less than my wholesale price from the dealer. Then, my car decided to give me the finger on mill and blow a hose, and cracked the thermostat housing, and seized the fan. The dealer wanted 100 bucks wholesale for another housing, and bob reeeeeally hooked me up on a used one. So I threw on a New Fan Assembly, thermostat, thermo-housing, hose, and Tom really hooked me up on a new Fluidyne radiator. All the issues are now fixed thanks to them having some parts. Now though...As a final F-YOU to me from my car..there's noise coming from the bottom end of my motor lol. Damn thing! At least it's a good reason to put a new combo in, just hope it can hold off a few more months. It never ends. :nonono: