Dumps before mufflers


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Feb 11, 2002
I'm still trying to figuire out the best exhaust setup for my needs :)

How would the exhaust sound on a stock 2v 4.6 with dumps (cutouts) right before the mufflers? Instead of using cutouts before the cats, i'd do them before the mufflers so I could still hopefully have some throttle response and low end torque... but some loud exhaust sounds too. How would it sound?
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if it's your daily driver i wouldn't do it. i had a prochamber & mac flowpaths, on my old car, with no dumps - the exhaust just exited staight out the muffler & it was way too loud. it sounded cool & all, like a friggin nascar, you could hear me for like 20 blocks :nonono: . i had to keep asprin in the car for a 15 min drive to work, & forget it if you actually want to talk to someone in the car, let alone on the cell phone. but if you want loud & it doesn't bother you, that's the way to go :nice: i ended up adding a catback real quick, & it made it perfect for me. if i was beside you, you would know it, but it wasn't obnoxious loud. but if i wanted to make some noise, i certainly could :D
I'd say just not to do it!!!!

It is going to souns horrible, and I know some ppl. who just went w/ straight exhaust after the cats, and the cars didn't seem to run very well at all.

Either just wait, save up, and do the exhaust right.........or don't do it at all, b/c you'll regret it.

I have dumps after the mufflers and that's freaking loud enough. I have Kooks longtube headers, Kooks 3 inch O/R X-pipe, and dumped Dynomax Race Magnum mufflers. I like the sound, but it's loud. I definitely would not want it any louder.
i had the manual cutouts on my car with the bassani o/r x pipe and 2 chambers. it's very loud with the cutouts closed and sounds like a freakin nascar with them open. :D

Eventually the welds on the cutout flaps broke and I got them taken off. I'm planning on getting the exhaust redone when I do the headswap and LT install and I'm gonna put a set of high quality electric cutouts on.
Hmm.. So will you lose any backpressure if they're installed AFTER the mufflers? I'm definately getting the UPR X pipe, but I don't know whether to get the cutouts after mufflers or just get some 40 series flowmasters. Which would be louder/meaner sounding
I have my cutouts right before my mufflers on the stock H pipe and everyone thinks that I have more exhuast work done becuase its loud but everyone thinks it sounds good too... I will post a sound clip so you guys can hear it and my car has been working perfectly fine since I put them in so don't listen to the people that say it won't run right. You do lose low end torque due to the loss of backpressure but you gain up high. I went from a 15.5 with a 2.28 60' to a 15.0 2.3x 60' with the only new mod being cutouts but I also drove a lot better. I think it sounds good and now I'm going to put an o/r x on so it will be crazy loud!