egr tube location on aftermarket headers.....?????


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May 30, 2006
easton pa
so i got my headers off and am putting on some MAC shorty s. turns out the egr tube hookup on the passenger side header is about four inches further towards the front than on the stock header. do they make an aftermarket tube to fix this?
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You can bend that tube with a wrench to make it fit usually. You can also get a piece of copper tube and flare it.


This is what I did-1/2" copper tube and use a flaring tool to flare the ends. You can also use compression fittings if you don't wanna buy a flaring tool (about 13 bux). I personally have only read about the compression fittings-never tried it myself.
oh,your talking about the EGR bung ON the header to the EGR valve.

i thought you were talking about the tube that runs under the car to the cats.:doh:

my mistake,disregard my earlier posts.

Kurt has you covered.:nice:
I managed to use the factory pipe, trim it down a bit, bolt it to the header and run the last few inches with high-temp silicone hose. That worked like a charm. That hose is crazy expensive though. It can take a ton of heat, but definitely can't handle being clamped directly to the bung on the header (I tried it and the hose sizzled).