Fear the Focus!!!


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Nov 27, 1998
Canby, OR
You better recognize!



If only


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Ain't nothing a 1996 Cobra with a 4.6liter 2003 cobra motor with a precision t-76 76mm turbo can't handle any day of the week. While even running on 2 cylinders short on bad watered down 87octane arco gas. Did I mention with bald tires and a slipping transmission and worn spark plugs while giving the other person the jump?

You know if you just gave this cobra a cleaner fuel filter and air filter you could probably just start the race in overdrive and still smoke the crap out of this focus.
i bet it will build boost just like my friends 500whp g20 at 5500 rpms but by then all my cars will have passed the thing and started slowing down. lol its a good pic though . ........ bu ti thought bigger is always better
That really isn't the turbo going on that car. That Focus engine is actually getting a 61mm turbo. It will hopefully make somewhere in the 500hp range. The guy is going to run it both as a street car and hit the track sometimes.