Finally beat this bad ass T66 supra turbo with my ford


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Jul 16, 2003
Some advice, a mustang can beat a supra off the line but those bloody supra can move once the boost build.

This guy i know has a supra with a T66 on it giving about 500 BHP (Assumed) and my stang could never beat him, i tried and tried new gears, 306, etc...

Reinssured my Ford Escort last weekend after a winter of work on it, and I beat him by one full car lentgh.

and no its not a escort from the US, its a british escort cosworth. in the winter i put in an anti-lag system and it seemed to help alot.

then yesterday i was at the track and gunning it off the line in 1 st gear and i heard a clunk, i broke my prop shaft, oh well time for an uprated version.

but the important thing is i beat the supra, and i'll bw looking for the guy with the skyline R34 very soon.

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there fun,

I used to have one,

Infact Ive had 3 Cosworths

1987 Moonstone Blue Sierra RS500 Cosworth
1987 Moonstone Blue Sierra RS Cosworth
1993 Radiant Red Escort RS Cosworth

Loved all 3 of them,
Sold them to move to the States,

Now I have my Stang,
But ill always miss/remember my Cossies
Yeah, those Cosworth Escorts pack easily over 300HP stock on a AWD light chassis. Nothing like moms Escort though. It's like the Focus RS they use in Europe. Maby Ford will bring them to this side of the world due to the popularity of the WRX/STI and EVO.
Anyone who underestimates the escort cosworth needs to watch Getaway in Stockholm II it shows a 450hp cosworth running 11.1's at the track and running with a 500 hp supra on the highway running from the cops (which never caught them) the cosworth is insane.

Put a turbo on that stang though and see if the Supra guy is still laughing...