first picture of my stang


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Apr 17, 2009
erie pa



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today was the first day i had it out washed it....haha yes i know the mirrors need to be black working on doing that and putting a cobra rear bumper on this summer! and i wana swap to 95 cobra r rims and tho on a supercharger lol

summer is commin soon driving her every day!!!!!
Very Nice!!!! real clean stang!!...........i do miss t/tops too.... i miss my 86:( the looks of the left over snow u must of had a bad winter too:mad: NJ its looks like Florida now ;)

we had a ****ty winter it would snow then melt then rain then snow ect i was only able to ride my sled 6 times the year!!! but a 2 weeks ago or so he got 18 inch in 4 days and its just now melting waiting for the salt and now to go away before i drive her but had to snap a pics after i got he washed she was dirty