First time at the track for the GT!!


Apr 21, 2004
South Jersey
Went up to Atco Raceway last night with a bunch of friends/family.

Had a BLAST! :D

Right lane both passes.

Temp was about 75, engine was at full op temp (194 ish), tires at normal street PSI, and my IAC temp was north of 110!!! I blame them making us wait in the lanes RUNNING for a good 20 minutes both times before getting us moving. :nonono: The 13.6 was the first run followed with the 13.4 about 1.5 hours later as the night cooled off to the 60's

My 60 ft times are horrible.. First run I left at 2500rpms and the second I left at 3700rpms. I kept dead hooking with alittle chatter, then bogging. Guess I have a reason to get those LCA's I've been wanting. :D
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