For Sale: 2007 Shelby Engine Parts

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Sep 21, 2007
Charelston, SC
Sorry to cross post this but I've got it in both Drivetrain and Engine parts.

Hey folks,

I just got a call from a buddy of mine and he picked up an engine and trans from a 2007 Shelby GT-500. The car only had 3500 miles on it and the owner decided he was going to build a dragster out of it so out came the motor and trans. Anyways, my buddy only wants the engine and is looking to sell the trans and some other parts and he asked if I'd post on Stangnet here to see if anyone's interested. He's currently in Texas heading up to Amarillo and will then head across Interstate 40 down I-15 and back into the LA area. If anyone is interested in these parts and lives along the route or is back in the LA area, please give him a call. Only serious inquiries. I'm just cutting and pasting what he has posted on his Craigslist ad:

I have a 2007 GT500 TR606 six speed transmission with shifter, clutch, Flywheel & Cross-member $2000.00 OBO.
Radiator $200.00 OBO
Supercharger Heat Exchanger $150.00
Supercharger coolant pump $150.00
Cat pipe $250.00
Throttle body $250.00
ECM $300.00
Wiring harness $250.00
Fuse Panel $250.00
Air Filter Box with MAF $150.00

Call 909-921-4343 and ask for Glen.

If you need more information either call him or go to his Craigslist ad here and respond:
2007 GT500 Parts for sale
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