Ford Taurus With No Heat And Everything Works Fine....


Jul 3, 2005
in my house
we are a Ford family....we own NOTHING but Fords....well i have a problem that even i cant figure out why and didnt know if there was someone that could point me in the right direction....

we have a 2000 ford taurus SE Flex Fuel with 106k with the 3.0 and there is no heat....well luke warm at best.....just did a head gasket in it and it didnt have any heat before either
well the blend door works fine the blower works fine, change the cabin filter thats fine and the heater core will burn your fingers if you touch why the hell is it blowing cold?....
also reverse flushed the heater core and blew out the fins
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Mar 21, 2014
Kingman AZ
Sounds like the blend door is stuck. I have pulled many pens, pencils, Matchbox cars, marbles, and even a dead mouse (!) from heater boxes in the past. Check for that, and make SURE the blend door motor is working properly.