FRPP or Melling Pump, Opinions


May 12, 2007
Toronto, ON
I need to do an oilpan gasket change on the 87, might as well replace the pump too. Was reading some negative comments about the Melling M68 OE pump being made el cheapo now, and grenading. Would the FRPP unit be a good alternative? Negatives/positive, or is it the exact same pump, with Ford stamped on it?

I just want a standard volume stock pump, but would rather keep away from the Melling M68 at this point.
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Melling is to oil pumps what Walbro is to in tank fuel pumps. In other words, 99% of the pumps you see out there are just reboxed/relabeled but with the mainstay pump inside. I would double check with FRPP what's inside the box.
I personally have not had any issue with the Melling pumps however I tend to use the HP series pumps, the Melling 10687 is a standard volume, stand pressure. The last Ford pump I had was a Melling ;)
1 year so far on my Melling and so far so good. My old one locked up (idk who made it, came with speed pro rebuild kit from summit) when some metal chunks got in it from one of those metal rings in the cork valve cover gaskets, which made the shaft twist like a twizzler and snap at the bottom. I would recomment an upgraded oil pump shaft too, I got an ARP one.
I would bet that the Ford unit is a melling. I can't see you going wrong with either. A high volume pump is always good. The jury is out on high pressure pumps...probably not a good idea for most applications...especially street use.

i would say the ford racing pump is the same as the melling pump.
The left is my old ford racing high volume pump and the right pump
is my new melling high volume........