Fuel Fuel Filter Bone Dry

Ok guys, I'm stumped...my car seems to run on air...my car runs 5.5-6.5 psi for fuel pressure between mechanical pump and Carb but the fuel filter before the fuel pump is dry. My car starts kinda hard after driving and sometimes stalls while coming to a stop...any ideas? I'm running a 306 E cam 1405 edelbrock Carb with a summit racing mechanical pump.
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any other mods besides that cam? I have the same carb and they tune easy but I don't care for them performance wise unless on a stock motor. What pump are you running? You said the return is not hooked up under the hood. Do you have the return port capped off? Just trying to see how its not hooked up. Thanks, hang in there.
Have you tried using the regular firing order or even the 351? Some cams require the 351 order on 302, not likely but something to check into. Have you ran it with the return hooked up? Only other thing I can think of is bad pump... well back to the carb what are you idling at?
No problem. I'm still new to the game of carbs and mustang for that matter but I have tackled what seems to be a ton of problems haha. I'm always adding new parts that seem to bring a world of trouble with them.
Hmmm. Its idling kind of high you could try backing it down but other than that I'm stumped. Maybe somebody will chime in to help in the AM. I'll ask a couple buddies of mine tomm., well in the morning.