Fuel headaches


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Feb 28, 2006
I will try to give a quick run down of whats going on, first I had to replace stock fuel pump in my 1989 mustang Gt . When i removed the old pump, it was horrible inside of the tank, old bad gas and condensation dont mix. The tank had to be cleaned, i did my best to remove everything (junk,dirt, old gas etc...) flushed the tank several times with new gas and drained each time in clear container to give me a idea of how much junk was coming out. The last time i flushed it it had barely nothing come out of the tank.

So I installed a 190lph fuel pump and a new sending unit, both of the old ones had rust damage from sitting. I get the tank and everything hooked back up and am ready to start, turned key and pump starts priming right up. Started like it had just been shut off, ran great. Then after about 10 minutes of idling, revving a little, it decides to die and wont restart. I checked the fuel pressure at the shrader valve up by engine and there is no fuel pressure and the pump turns on and primes. Next day I got a new fuel filter (WIX ) they were out of motorcraft . Installed the new fuel filter last night and the mustang fires right up and runs again. so I think I have it fixed.

Then today I go out and start it up and it runs great , I move the car over to the driveway (yea no garage) and let it run for a little bit maybe 10-15 minutes thinking it would help to get some of the fluids moving since it hadn't run in a while and its idling an I rev it up a little and notice its starting to act like its losing fuel, starts missing and I let it idle down and its running rough like the spark plugs were missing ( this is the same way it did the first time, before I put in the new fuel filter) and it dies and wont restart. I checked the fuel pressure again and same thing as before no pressure , fuel pump primes and shuts off, but no fuel up to the engine. Just frustrated after putting all new stuff and still fighting the fuel.

Should I pull the fuel filter and see if its plugged, and should I get a gas can and turn the pump on to make sure I am getting good gas passing thru the new pump (even though the tank has been cleaned and new pump an filter). Just looking for advice from someone who has had similar problems.

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