Fuel Issues with new Pump

So my mustang wouldn't start and it was a fuel issue so i decided to replace the pump (i didnt know how old it was)

So i replaced the fuel pump, and no dice. When i turn the key, it take about 3 or 4 key cycles to get the pressure up to about 40 psi. But it wont start. If i use carb clean or starting fluid, the car will start and run fine. The fuel pressure is about 32. And the pressure goes up to 42 with the vac line to the regulator unplugged.

Once started, the car will drive fine a for a couple minutes, but then the pump starts to get really loud and the car will sputter. If you turn the car off and restart it, the pump is quieter but the same thing repeats its self.

Do you think i have a defective fuel pump? or something else?
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