Fuel problem???

I just bought my first mustang, and I feel that I got a pretty good deal on it so I'm not complaing. But I bought the car with the fuel pump already buzzing. I assumed from building LS powered trucks that it's just going bad and needs to be changed ASAP.

Well yesterday on the way home from work I stepped into the car really for the first time to pass someone, and all was good right at first but then it was like the engine just lost it's power and popped a little. It just simply acted like it trying to burn dry air. Nothing tried to die, it just didn't want to run, if that makes any since.

So I need to order a new pump and will change the filter out with it. BUT my question is...Should this alone fix it?

It's a pretty simple build,89 5.0, stock 19lb injectors, 190LPH pump, shorties, ported E7s, Crane 2031, and K&N drop in, 1.7rr.
I wouldn't think I would be maxing out the capacities of a GOOD 190 pump and 19lb injectors, but this is my first mustang so I am open to suggestions.

I forgot to add, it only does it going down the road, it won't do it in the driveway.
P.S., Will a 94-95 stock h-pipe fit on my 89?
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19 lb injector are plenty for your combo, A 190 fuel pump should also be fine, but if I was going to replace it, I would use a 255 To help support later mods.
Well, I went ahead and ordered a 190lph pump. If I do anything else motor wise it will just be an intake. Most of my money will go into bodywork and suspension.

I'll have the codes pulled tomorrow, I ordered the pump anyways because I feel it needs to be changed. It's 10 years old and extremely loud.

I also have a low mileage 94-95 factory h-pipe with good cats, can I just bolt it onto my 89? Just to eliminate possible clogged cats.