Fully built 8.8 fox rearend

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Jun 9, 2002
I have a fully built 8.8 rearend from a 92 mustang. It is freshly built with zero street or track miles, and only about 3 hours of dyno time. It consists of:

Welded tubes
33 spline Moser 4 lug axles w/ 3" studs
c-clip eliminators
Full spool
4.10 Ford Racing gears
Mac rear end girdle
UPR spherical UCA bushings

Asking $800 and I'm looking for a pick up sale only. I will only ship if the buyer makes all of the arrangements. Meaning, the only thing I have to do is strap it down to a pallet and wave at the truck driver as he's driving away with it. I live it southern Pennsylvania and depending upon your location I may be willing to meet you somewhere in the middle. PLEASE email me at [email protected], I will get back to you much faster this way. If you're interested I can send you pictures, just send me your email address.

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Not open for further replies.