Gas in Cobra??


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Feb 16, 2007
I am looking at a 96 Cobra. I was just wondering what grade gas it requires. This will be a daily driver, not a lot of racing and such. I want to run it off 91 Octane, any problems with this? Thanks.
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I am wanting to get this to get a little better gas mileage, plus the fact that it is a Mustang. However, if I have to run the more expensive gas, no gain for me. In my area, we have 89, 91, and 93 octane. At the local store, I can get 91 for the price of 89 once a week, which would help out a ton if the car will run fine off of the 91. Thanks for your input.
Wanna eek out better fuel economy....a set of U/D pulleys, a cold air kit, free flowing exhaust, electric water pump, etc will all help. Anything that improved the engines efficiency and reduced horsepower consumption will help. If you do more in town driving than highway, even a gear swap to a lower ratio will improve both performance and fuel economy.
Nope! In fact as stated in BlackFang's recent post located here: all Cobra's made since 96 require premium (91 octane or better).


Even the lowly :p 93-95 cobras require 91+ octane. I know you're concerned about gas prices (we all are), but I would definately spend the extra couple of bucks on a fill up for 91 instead of 89 to reduce the risk of detonation. This is a fairly high performance car we are talking about. It just comes with the territory. With that said, you should be fine with 91 octane.
No stations are me have 91 octane. I put premium in my supercharged 96 Cobra. I always see 93 octane around where I used to live. I moved about 8 miles away from my parents and this station I go to now, has 92 octane. I never even payed attention until one day, I actually looked. But, I don't have any problems, so I still fill up there.

The funny thing is, some same stations that have 93 are sometimes cheaper than the one I get my 92's just that this station is close and convienient for me.