Gm t-5 applications to Ford


Sep 17, 2005
Boise ID
I've been wanting to throw this out there, is there any reason why, allowing for some modification (input shaft etc.), a t-5 from a camaro wouldn't work. If not, what would need to be changed.

The junkyard pirates around here want 600$ for a core with 147,000 miles for a wc Mustang t-5.

A friend of mine and I are looking for a total of three units in the next year, He's already considered plunking down the 600$ the pirates are asking for and then rebuilding. For me, that's ridiculous.

Just for kicks I included the Wikipedia listing of all applications of the t-5. T-5 transmission cross reference, applications. Find your junkyard candidate here. T-5 gearing, torque rating, code conversion, and junk yard candidates here. More general industry specs. I wonder if a non-Ford application could be economically made to work.
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It is possible. You'll need the ford bellhousing, and I believe will need to change the input shaft. Unless you are getting these other transmissions for almost free, I don't think it's worth it.
I've mixed matched trannies. I have a Ford T-5 behind a Chevy 4 speed bellhousing. The Ford Input shaft is 1/2"-3/4 longer than the Jerico 4 speed's. I used an adapter plate between the bell and T5. Given this info it might help you figure out what you can do. It will be easier and cheaper for you to find a T5 locally, from a private seller. Ask around the local fox body clubs/forums. That's how I get mine.