good deal?


Jun 21, 2004
I am looking into buying a 1993 Cobra. The guy wants $5200 and the car has 81,000 miles on it. I know this is a good deal, but the car is a good distance from my house and the guy is in the UK in the army so it will be shipped from a few states away. is this bad? Im just worried about it showing up and me never having the chance to see it in person first. I am turning 18 soon, is this going to be a bad car for me since I will be switching from a 4cyl. Nissan? Is this car too good of a deal? should I be worried? The car looks mint.
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I would rather look at the car in person. Ask the guy if there is any way you can speak with a family member of his. There has to be somebody he has left the keys with right? Good luck, that is a good deal, if the car is decent. 93 Cobras are cool cars for someone of any age.
fly down there and kick the tires for yourself the last thing you want is to
get scamed out of your money.

it's cheaper to pay for a plane ticket then it is to loose 5k.
i agree. i bought one car out of state, and i wont do it again. the owner delivered it to me, but after he left i found all kinds of crap wrong.

for 5k though, once you confirm its in good shape, i would jump on it. thats a pretty low mileage also for a 23 year old car.