good place for mustang 2 parts???

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Blue Thunder

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Mar 20, 2004
Upstate New York.
I used to deal with Rocko at CT Mustang II,(Located in Stratford, Connecticut) but I havent called them in ages.

They used to regularly have a couple Kings and some other IIs for sale, as well as any part you could imagine, both NOS and repro. In fact, I got all my repro weatherstripping from them. But as I said, I havent called them in years, so I'm not even sure they're still in business.

CT Mustang II - 203-377-4795

LedZ 5.0

now you have my pea brain going in circles
Apr 1, 2004
I think CT MII is out of the II parts business for some time now. They're into the fox body parts arena.

You can find many MII parts at ebay and on the classified section at Also check the parts vendors listed at for some NOS parts.