Got sold on Flowmaster 40 Series this weekend


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May 24, 2004
Out and about this weekend with some friends, designated driver. We were leaving the club as a 1993 Grand Marquis pulls into the lot with 22" spinners and a mean sounding exhaust. Went up to the guy and asked him what he had done to his car. He said just the spinners and Flowmaster 40s. I had been leaning towards the Force II, but that sound sold me on the 40s. Put in my order for the American Thunder catback today. I think I'll pass on the 22" spinners though. :D

Accufab plenum/75MM TB on the way,'s going to be a fun couple of weeks when that stuff comes in.
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That's what I have on my car (40 series flows, not the spinners) and I love the sound. Be prepared for posts that will tell you flows sound like ass and you are a red neck for buying them.

Trust me though, you will like them once they are on.