Grand Prix NY October 26th


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Jun 1, 2005
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Wanna Race With the Pros? G419 Invitational Oct 26th If you’ve never heard of the Grand Prix of New York, it is a spectacular indoor kart track in Mount Kisco, New York. Grand Prix New York - Images

On October 26th, the guys from (a bi weekly online automotive show) are hosting a special event there for charity. The roster of drivers includes pro road rally (Canonball, Bullrun) racer/author Alex Roy and several pro drivers from the Trans Am series.

There are four open seats. To get one of the seats, show up for the drawing at 9AM. Seats will be awarded by 10:30AM. Even if you don’t win the drawing, you’ll be invited to watch the action. It promises to be good fun. The entire event is being filmed for an episode of Garage 419’s bi weekly online show.

Online registration is closed, so if you want to race, you have to show up for the drawing.

As for the charity for which we’re racing, more details can be found here:
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