Group Buy Alluminum Thermostat Housing! All Interested Reply To This Thread


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Jan 16, 2011
I am going to be performing a huge tune up on my 4.0 changing out various parts since i just hit the 50k mark.
If anyone is interested in a group buy for this thermostat housing please reply to the thread.

My goal is to get 20+ members to receive the thermostat housing for $80 Each I think that's reasonable with such a big buy!

Now Available ,metal thermostat housing upper and lower for v6 4.0 Mustang. Works on all 2005-2010 mustangs with the 4.0 engine including the convertible. Comes with a new oring for the thermostat, lower housing (special seal) for connection to the head and a new oring for the temperature sensor. This is made in America and not in China. Finally an alternative to the plastic pieces that fail all the time. Only replace the parts once and your done. This is a cast aluminum engineered part made in America.

GOAL: 30+ Units
$135.00 Per Unit

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