Has anybody had side exhaust put on their car without buying an exhaust kit?


New Member
Jul 4, 2003
Tyler Texas
I would like to put side exhaust on my gt where the exhuast pipes would come out in front of the rear wheels. I know they have kits out there but i don't have the money for what those cost, i'm wondering has anyone had a muffler shop custom make the exhaust come out the sides. I've seen one gt before a the track in the stagging lanes that had side exhuast before the rear wheels, but it was so busy that day i couldn't get out of the car to look at his exhaust to see how it was done. His exhaust had two pipes sticking out in front of the tires on both sides, which really looked awesome, to me anyways. The only thing i'm really worried about will it past inspection, i think that here in Texas that the exhaust on cars has to exit behind the car, i'm not sure. Secondly will this make my car more louder than it already is, because it's really loud, i really don't need more attention for the cops. And will the side exhaust create more power and torque or vise versa. Hey thanks.
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Feb 21, 2004
Temecula, CA
You will have to change the mufflers. Get a pair of turbo mufflers with the inlet and outlet on the same end, and have a muffler shop do the tips. It will be cheap that way. I have the side kit with turbos and I love the sound, even though they don't help HP numbers.


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Jul 4, 2003
Tyler Texas
Hey thanks for the info, looks like the swap want be as easy as i thought, just wish i could use my raven mufflers, i don't really want to buy new mufflers for this. Oh well, mabey i'll do the swap, i don't know, i just have to get an estimate from a muffler shop.
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