has anybody tried this (03-04 cobra blower)

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it's built for speed not longevity, woman
Dec 26, 2006
Thomasville, ga

well my buddy has an 04 and his combo went from an eaton to a KB to now a twin 60 turbo setup. but here's the issues i'm running into (i haven't physically mocked it up but this is what i'm thinking): main problem being the distro and the really short like pully shaft or drive shaft whatever, how the belt would snake around the front, i think the intercooler could be run off the water pump lines spliced into the heater core line, and you could make an intake tube that would use your stock throttle body. i guess you would have to make an intake from the throttle body to the back of the blower, lower intake to bolt the intercooler/blower to, the lower intake would have to have bungs for the injectors, water jackets, eight runners, bottom to cover lifter valley, and sit far enough forward to somehow get a belt on the blower and miss the distro. now i wonder wich cylinders will starve the most and wich would be saturated. where would you buy aluminum and who would stamp out the flanges to get started.

Hey BK i think we've talked before, you know anybody from TMCA, Tony is the guy who tuned my car, and i've been stationed here 6+ years now.


May 10, 2007
Phx, AZ
This will only help with a small part of the equation. I have seen pics of a distributorless ignition on a 5.0, no clue how though. And for getting the pulley the correct distance out I assume spacers or adapters could be fabbed up, or even a completely custom pulley with the correct depths and offsets could be machined.

Just thoughts. good luck