Header wrap pics.


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Nov 28, 2006
Check it out:


Also got this C&L trueflow intake.


Anyone else use the wrap?
Really blocks heat out of the engine compartment...:D


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header wrap is a bad idea on street cars. I had it explained to me that the metal in the headers actually sweats. when you wrap them the moisture is held close to the header which ends up rusting them out quicker. i suppose not an issue with stainless steel headers.
Looks like you did a nice job. How much did the materials cost and how long did it take you?

As for the rust comment, that makes sense. Even "stainless" steel will rust though. Best method would be ceramic coating. Based on prices I have seen on that though (i.e. having your headers coated, not buying them new pre-coated), heat wrap is the most cost effective method.

Now, I know a lot of cars use an exterior metal shield to hold in heat on headers and heat. Maybe a material that does not conduct heat as well I guess...plus they are generally several cm away from the headers, allowing air to act as an insulator.
i agree on dd's i would not do it. they can actually collect moisture like a sponge and cause your pipes to start rusting. and heaven forbid its winter time and you live in a state that salts the roads. salt wraps = rust :nonono: but then again you can live in texas or s.cal as far as i know where's it's mostly hot and sunny the entire year...then forget what i said.