Hello from N.C. Joined a year ago, finally have something to brag about.


May 28, 2022
Belmont NC
I inherited a ‘92LX that was forgotten in the garage since 1999. Thanks to this site/family I gleaned enough Fox knowledge to get her up and running.
This one is a time capsule, man - maybe not a show car but just like it came . Hell it’s quiet! Swear to jeez I thought all 5.0’s came with Flowmasters. I’ve never heard a stock one. The HotRod Power Tour was in Charlotte in June for a day and we drove out and it did great! 4000 hot rods out there and we had a blast. Didn’t race, too crowded.

Ok admin, let me know what I did wrong…


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Woah, didn't see these responses -thanks. I've been researching the forum for awhile and the best advice I saw to others was "leave it alone, it's only original once". All Iv'e really done besides a lot of rubbing and cleaning was replace the gas tank,sending unit and fuel pump. Then the radiator and water pump and hoses and V belt, and all the fluids and a battery. The Eagle GT+4's looked good but were old and flat spotted, didn't trust at all. Now I'm out every chance I get. t's a 5spd. with 3:08 posi. I've been driving trucks so long it feels like a race car - it's all I need!
92,000 miles. "fast driver", Vass is around Pinehurst right ? I'm in Belmont NC, just west of Charlotte.
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about 92,000 miles. I think it reminds me of an old Galaxie with a 390 and dual exhaust like my dad had - you know there's something there but it is quiet. Sounds good when I wring it out like over 3000 rpm. I'm tempted to change things, but once ya start...
don't. It's only stock once.

I mean it's your car so you can do whatever you want, but given the collectability of these cars now, i would love to have a stocker these days.

You can certainly modify the car and keep the stock parts and put them back at any point. OEM exhaust would be harder to do however, unless you drop the entire axle and take it out uncut. But, the thing is once you start taking about a 30 year old vehicle, the old plastic clips start to break, and hardware is rusted in place or rounds off, or rubber grommets and stuff fall apart. It's one of those things where you almost want to say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

But, if you never plan to sell, mod away. I don't think anyone would bat an eye to tasteful, high quality mods. A nice performance shifter, stuff like that.
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