Hello from Northern Colorado

Hey, all. I've been lurking for a while and thought I should formalize the relationship. Thanks to all the innovators and DIYers for taking the time to post and share your vast knowledge -- it's invaluable to the community!

About 20 years ago, I bought a 69 fastback basket case. It was originally a 390, but none of the numbers match, and it came with a seized 289. My plans from the beginning have been to restomod. Early on, I bought Total Control Products suspension parts and a manual steering rack, and a Fox 5.0L with a T5. It sat in my folks' field until last year, when they sold the farm and I moved the beast to a storage unit. With renewed vision and a better career, I finally have her back on the horizon.

I'm currently torn between setting her up for a Coyote or sticking with the Fox. The whole front end is stripped down, and I'm planning on putting her up on Gateway Performance struts and the TCP rack. My thought is that will set me up nicely for the Fox, leaving the Coyote option open down the road. I hate having to spend money on the same thing twice.

I'll eventually start a build thread. It took me long enough to get this far...
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