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Mar 30, 2005
Ok, so here whats going on.I have 2 mustangs,a 94 coupe and 95 vert. I bought 94 for a really good deal.The bad side about it is that it does 182,000 miles.So i put it up for sale on different forms for 2 weeks,with an asking price of 4000,but no bites yet. So there is this guy local selling a kenne bell 2200 blowzilla.He wants to trade me his blower and an extra 1300 for my 94 coupe with chrome saleen wheels.does that sound like a good deal?

so here are my options

trade the car and get an extra 1300 with it.

sell and try to get the 4000 for it

or just keep it and finish the 306 h/c/i and throw it in the coupe

the only bad thing is that if i sell it ,ill be out of a car for now,untill i get the other one running.

btw the kenne does come with the cooler for meth inj and other supporting parts(pulley,gauges,etc etc

here is pic of the 94 gt mustang gt/

here is what the kenne bell would be going into wheels/Picture089.jpg

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So basically he wants the rims off the '95 and onto the '94? I think it really depends on what you paid for the '94. I'd say offer to let him have the 94 with the regular rims in trade for the Kenne and $900.
screw that deal. i wouldn't even consider it. to setup that kenne bell is going to cost you about 1300 he's giving you cash, and the 95 isn't even running so right there thats more money. and to boot your loosing your nice wheels that would cost a grand to replace. screw that...i'd MAYBE do the kenne bell and $2k for the 94 as is, now saleen wheels. and i'd make sure i took everything off the 94 that i could put into the 95. and make sure that nothing is broken on the 95 and if it is replace the part from the 94.
i would do that, but thats because i really want a supercharged convertible right now. haha.

do you really like the saleens or is there another set of wheels you'd prefer?

i like the appearance of them, but they are so dime a dozen here i wouldn't want them on my car.