Help Me out with my Black 1994 Mustang GT


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Apr 9, 2005
OK first off, The ball joint in my front passenger tire locked up while I was taking a curve causing me to take the ditch and hit a metal fence post. The only damage was it really messed up my front bumper, there is a fence post marking all the way up the front bumper. Thats all it did.
My back bumper and my side skirts have this like spider web affect in them. My back bumper is really bad. Most of the paint is starting to just peel off. I was wondering how much would it cost to get the back bumper and side skirts sanded down and repainted. If there is a better fix, what is it.
Another thing is, im coming into around 600 dollars this month to spend on my car. The number one thing i have to do is put a new shifter. The stock shifter just isnt cutting it. I think i will put the MGW shifter with the cruiser handle. I was also going to get the racing shifter knob. This will take maybe 250-280 of the money. What are some other things i can to do my car that will make the 1/4 mile finish line come alot quicker.
My car is pretty much stock with BBK cold air intake, Offroad H pipe, Flowmaster delta flow series. I would like to put 3:73 gears in but my transmission needs a syncro put in second gear first. All suggestions will be appreciated
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Paint work on the bumper and side skirts will run you a decent $500. I just had a bumper painted a few months ago and that was $324. Paint work is not cheap but it depends on who you take it to but remember you get what you pay for.

The MGW shifter looks like a good shifter. As far as getting your car down the 1/4 quicker then you deff need gears. An aftermarket Intake and a bigger MAF will also help out. First and formost get the synco's fixed b/c w/ no tranny you have no car.