HELP with a Shift Light

Hi guys, I have a V8 4.6L GT 2001 (totally stock engine) and I want to install an Auto Meter shift light. My questions are:

What are the numbers of the pieces that I need??
RPM Activated Module (# 5310)
RPM pill kit (# 5354 and/or 5355?)
What’s the difference between “Mini pro light warning lite (#3239)” and “quick lite shift lite (# 5330)”?
Any other piece? Do I need a Tach Adapter (#9117?)

Do you know a link with the install instructions for my model?

Thanks in advance for your help and excuse me for my English.
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:nice: Thanks guys, I will consider your suggestions.

Initially, I thought to go with Auto Meter because here we don't have any other one (I must import it by myself).

But here nobody know what Auto Meter pieces I need to install the shift light in a Mustang (I have a pretty rare car here!!!).

Thanks again for your answer.