Hey Mansonozz and other die-cast fans.....


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May 17, 2000
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I thought I'd whore up my GMP collection.

93 Cobra R

Teal 93 Cobra

Fairlane GT

65 GT350R

Motorcraft Mustang

Mt. Dew 97 Cobra

...and my die-cast wall in my garage

I've run out of room there and am going to be adding a third shelf for some extra room and new arrivals. My Valvoline Mustang race car will be here next week and I've got a few other cars scattered around the garage that need shelf space.

Certainly not the quantity of some of you guys, but I'm trying to make it up with quality. GMP stuff just can't be beat.

Now I need that yellow LX convertible.......
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I was always a take-em-out-and-display-them kinda collector with everything. Sure a few things i left sealed because of what they were, but for the most part it wasn't a huge deal. I like these loose and I keep them clean anyway. I do keep the boxes for whenever/whatever. Like when I sold my GMP '84 SVO to Mustang5L5 here, he got the box and everything.

Sweet collection Wythors! I just pick up the ones of cars I really like or if I can find something quite cheap (like a 99 GT convertible for a couple bucks at a garage sale, etc.).

I do that to keep quantities down but as time goes on it seems companies are messing with me :lol: I have a few more I want though...
just replaced my old cabinets with these new wall mounted ones.. I now have room for 60 cars and 75 if needed... I could only fit 30 in my other cabinets so I had them all in the boxes in the basement..... i still need to install the other cabinet on the right side of the fish tank....



The 93 cobra r, teal 93 cobra, white 85, grey and silver gt, and a few others are still on my list!!!! here is my mustang collection, white and yellow saleen coupes are not pictured.......



Let's see...

Auto Art and GMP make a bunch of them; the ones we usually go ga-ga over are the GMP ones. The Saleen speedsters, Mach 1s, Bullitts, Super Stallions and probably a couple others in some of our pics are by Auto Art.

That red Notchback is by GMP: www.gmpdiecast.com. That was one of my first faves!

You can pick those and others up at car shows that have vendors, ebay, hobby shops, etc. The lesser brands can be had at toy stores too if the selection is at least halfway decent. Mine aren't :p

Today I got a 7 foot display case, can't wait to transfer everything over this weekend and move out that hurtin' gold/glass case.

and that SA20 finally came today too! :banana:

You can find GMP cars on eBay for a lot cheaper than GMP's site. I've picked up my last few on there for between $50 and $70. Beats the heck out of the $100 to $130 from GMP.

On a side note, I got an email from GMP today announcing their new 1970 Hemi GTX. Check out the detail on this thing:




The thing's got freakin' hood hinges!