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I talked to a performance shop, and they said it would cost $4000 for a complete FRPP GT40 motor swap, with all the needed parts and labor. You'd have to grab parts from the junkyard, or eBay, or perhaps buy everything new. Try grabbing a copy of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords, and put it together using the ads there.
i4power said:
Good point. They weigh a bunch more, thanks to the extra body parts.

i put a gt wing and a gt front bumper witha cobra insert, i have gt turbine wheels on aswell, for some reason my 2.3na just doesnt go as fast as other gt's...i cant figure it out, i mean i have 75% of the body kit and aperance, i even have a gt front swaybar!....maybe i need the emblems that say 5.0 :scratch:
y because the gt looks sick and i wanna drop the 5.0 in mine because i can get it cheap caz i know people... the lx body is to plan i like the fog light and the side skirts ... i wish i had pics to show u of my car now u would **** ur pants...
It'd have to really be something else to shock any of us here. Most of the guys answering here have taken their NA Stang and converted it to a **cough TURBO 2.3 cough** instead of the **cough every bodies got a 5.0 cough**.
Cheaper and just as quick. But welcome aboard and good luck with whatever you decide.
yea but its not about what they think i want it to be how i want it ... and im just gonna keep puttin stuff on it sell it and get a 5.0 i beleive im on the verge of buyin a black one right now i jsut wanna put exhaust on the 2.3 jsut somehting i wanna do
let me tell you right now from experiance


and in case you didnt hear me


im speaking from experiance of doing a 5.0 swap after i blew my 4cyl on nitrous....

my grand total was OVER 5K and that was with a 600 dollar motor, a rebuilt T5 tranny, and a bunch of used parts.....and that was carb'd...if you think that your going to do an EFI 302 swap correctly for 4 grand then good luck

i wish i had done the turbo swap instead now, i had one good day of driving with that car after the swap and that was the day i got it out of the shop the third time after the accesory bracket broke....before that the fuel pump took a crap, and various other things went wrong

do a 4 cyl turbo swap, trust me
i wouldnt do a swap id buy a 5.0 u spend over 5 grand u can just buy a 5.0 for that much and ...i got a fenderwell cold air intake on mine its bolts into the fender its for a 5.0 but i put it in mine its sweet... and umm i just wanna put exhaust on my 2.3 then im prob done wit it ill jsut drive it from their..