Hissin, or other input needed on fan blade replacement


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Aug 31, 2003
Oly, WA
i saw a post the other day about replacing the stock plastic fan blade with a more sturdy metal one.

is this an ideal replacement? http://store.summitracing.com/defau...earchinresults=false&N=0&target=egnsearch.asp

if not, can you recommend one? also a clutch replacement? im not seeing much in summit's catalog i have so any input it helpful.

looking to buy the fan/clutch, a thermostat and some other things for my car all at once. thanks
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Nick is right. I dont think I even had internet access back when I got my fan blade, so i called PAW and just talked to the guy on the phone. I told hiim I wanted a stock replacement [but metal] fan blade for my 88 Mustang GT. I made sure he knew it was reverse rotation and he sent it to me. no bigs. I think you can go to PAW's site and find it (if not, I think i have the part number somewhere). I would look it up for you, but last time i went to their site, it would not load half the pages (I have dial-up).

I weighed the options carefully when I got mine and decided to stick with the thermal clutch set up (I am not much of a fan of flex fans). If you want max cooling, I would say get the metal fan and a HD clutch (I got mine from good ol' Autozone - It is likely the same brand as what Summit sells - Hayden or Flexalite) and has a lifetime warranty (clutches lose a few hundred RPM per year). Do note that this set up is LOUD but it is moving a LOT of air too (Makes the SN95 fan on high speed in my 94 look like a 4 banger fan, IMHO).

FWIW, I have had good luck with the Mr Gasket line of thermostats.

Let me know if I can provide more info (parts wise or subjective stuff about loudness, etc).

good luck.
ok cool, i remember you going with the mr. gasket thermostat's, i have the part # for it written down with summit.

if you could put the part # in for the fan you got and the clutch that would be great. :nice:
I will try and get the part numbers later - like i told Derek when he asked, I am gonna have to do some digging. :)
The clutch is from Autozone (I think i mentioned that AZ and Summit might sell the same brand of clutch). In any case, the one from Autozone has done good by me (and it is LLT!).

You might be able to look the fan blade up on PAW's site if you want - here is the link:


I think they changed the format since some time ago (I *thought* you used to be able to look parts up online before, but I did not see that option right now).

I will try and find the part number later tonight. :)
All right. the fan blade i have is available at Summit (since you are placing an order there). Here is the fan blade like the one I got.

My fan clutch is an Imperial Heavy duty Thermal clutch from Autozone. It was about 70 bucks, but worth it to me (non HD fan clutches dont do much in the desert). I would buy that same unit again and I like the warranty (not sure if online speed shops offer such warranties on their clutches).

Good luck with it and let me know via the thread or a PM how it works out for you. Just remember that I said it is loud. :)