How much power is the SCs giving?

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Aug 31, 2002
St. Louis, MO
The 03/04 Cobra engine is the exact same engine that the 03/04 Mach1 (manual tranny) have in them minus the forged pistons and rods...I would guess that they run a little less on HP than the Mach1's do though becuase they have lower compression pistons (8.5:1 compared to 10.1:1)


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Nov 2, 2002
rdefino said:
I have a 2003. How much HP does the engine have without the SC and how much does the SC give.?

Id say 270 crank hp on our N/A engine, and Id say the Eaton gives us about 160 crank hp. more.

A very basic and vague rule of thumb - 1lb of boost = ~ 20 crank hp. On average, we see 8lbs - there's the 160hp. Ford rates our engines at 390 crank hp, but I believe thats low due to insurance regulations. the average 03/04 dynos at 360rwhp stock. By Ford's numbers, drivetrain loss would be only 7.5%??? Yeah right - nice try Ford!
Assuming a 17% drivetrain loss (average is between 15-25%) - thats more like 430 crank hp.
So, deducting the 160hp the Eaton gives us, the N/A engine crank hp would be approximately 270hp. This sounds about right due to the low compression of our motors which need the boost to make them come alive.


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Jun 29, 2004
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The DOHC in the 03/04 Cobra would probably produce as much power as the current SOHC 2V motors. The 03/04 DOHC 4V motor was DESIGNED for forced induction. It's lower CR would account for a rather large decrease in power as opposed to 99/01 Cobras and Mach 1's. It's really hard to say exactly how much power the supercharger adds unless we have a pretty consistant baseline output of the motor without the blower.


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Jul 17, 2004
Yes the 2003 Cobra heads flow better. The big difference is the recamming of the engine to provide much improved torque at low RPMs.

I'd say 300ish HP without the $0.02:)