Ii Wheel Cover Spotted On A Restaurant Ceiling


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Aug 1, 1998
Churchton, MD
Some of you, particularly in Texas (looking at you @74stang2togo ) are probably familiar with the restaurant chain Chuy's. They just opened a location in my neck of the woods recently and when I stopped in, I saw this one in their hubcap ceiling:


I instantly recognized it as a II wheel cover and my girlfriend just rolled her eyes at my Mustang skillz. She jealous, yo. And it was right above the table we were seated at. Destiny? Perhaps...
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I started this morning by knocking out some studs
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Dec 6, 2005
Marietta, Ga
It's funny how significant others think like that. I used to get the "Really?!?!" question if I snapped my neck checking out a car somewhere or pointing something out like this hubcap. It's like having radar or something when you're somewhat passionate about things like this. It could be worse, but they can't seem to think of it like that..... :shrug:
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