Installing stock springs

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If you cannot get the stock spring back in there, you could try leaving the strut mounted to the LCA but disconnect the two bolts from the LCA to the K. The LCA will pivot on the strut. This gives you a ton of room for a tall spring. You have to be careful when doing this (a big, good floor jack is a must). If interested in this method, read up on it and be aware of all safety concerns before attempting it.

Good luck.
I have tried everything I can think of to get them back in there. Is there a write up on the strut connected and the lca undone? I tried it with the lca off and the strut off, but the jack would just move and not compress the spring. My stock spring are too long to put them back in just dropping the lca down, I tried that first. Thanks for the suggestions.
You can search on the Corral for the MFE spring removal method. It's how I do fox III springs (but it isn't normally necessary on SN95's).

You really have to manhandle the jack. Some people supposedly put a chunk of wood under the jack so the wheels are off the ground. I've never done that. I just angle the jack at 45* (come in from the front corner of the bumper) so it's at a tangent to the swept plane of the LCA. It might be easier with a helper.
My suggestion is simple, do not put stock springs back in. The number one fatal accident among mechanics is spring installation. The only safe way to do this, is by using an appropriate spring compressor.