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jump on that if you're in the so cal area... I know a couple people on the ranger website that got a free whipple when they developed the 3.0l supercharger. wish I was there in so cal, maybe next year this time... but not this year :nonono: Why is it that Southern California seems to have all the performance places lol I can't find anything around out here in Conneticut :mad:
I don't know if I'd want my ride experimented on like that. I have Steeda right here in Pompano and I wouldn't give them my new 05 until I saw some already engineered units. Too much stuff can go wrong to be number one. I might go if Iwas number 100 though. ;) All the bugs should be worked out by then.


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Jul 10, 2004
Navarre FL
Don't let me find a place in FL that needs an 05. I'll still have my Honda so they can keep it as long as they want. Free parts......I'm sold! My friend bought the new VW R32 and his car is the test mule for APR. It's a sacrifice but he gets all this awesome isht for free! They even plan on doing a Twin-Turbo setup in the future for him. I'd tell them to keep it. Just give it to me when its done. I'll be soliciting my car to any place even remotely close when I get my 05! Does anyone know of any places in the southeastern part of country that specializes in domestic V8's??? I know Downs Racing is in Jersey so maybe the guy from CONN could talk to them about some type of sponser deal. I don't think Downs does their own parts though, I think they are just an retailer and installer.