Is 400 hp the same as 400 hp (please read)


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May 25, 2003
Norcal 916
does an engine that makes 40 hp from a small blower(say a b-trim) vs a car that makes 400 hp from a larger blower (d-1sc) have really the same power? Beucase in the new 5.0 magazine for this month, an 01 cobra had a rather large blower, (f1-m or f1-r, cant remember) at only like 15 psi and was making 700 hp!! Is this too much power for only 15 psi? I just seemed a little out of whack to me, as if it wouldnt be possible for a b-trim at 15psi to make 400hp?? should i be looking at cfm instead of psi? like volume moved rather then pressure?
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On the 15PSI blower it probably had an insaine displacement. Not all 15 PSI blowers force the same amount of air. In answer to your initial question yes BUT the tq curve and hp curve won't be the same. Plus every time dyno a car you get different results so it's kinna hard to answer your question.
Every engine is different, psi is just a measurement of pressure, not volume.

I am not sure if a B-trim will even support 400hp. I know the S-trim can support up to 700hp. After so much psi, all blowers will start to lose effeiceny because the air gets too hot, which will result is less power...