Just Bought An 81 Ghia For $500

I'm Tony, in Jonesboro AR. Picked up an 81 mustang ghia notch (and a rotten 81 hatch) for $500 total. No motor or trans in either, but i have a spare 302 from a 76 bronco that i have been wanting to shove into something. I am going to part out/scrap the hatchback car for the remaining parts i need, and maybe make a little of the purchase price back.

The previous owner took off the goofy fake vert top, and did most of the body work to get it ready for new paint. Other than that, its in pretty dang good shape. Never wrecked, solid floors, but he filled in the recess in the hood where the medallion went. I hope i can chip out the bondoand put one back in, i kinda like them.

I have some crappy cell phone picks i will post up here in alittle while, as well as my first love, an 84 bronco II with a mixture of full size running gear and 35" tires
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84 Bronco II with 5.0 from 94 F150, np435 trans from something, 76 Bronco transfer case, and axles from a 79 F150. and about 8-9 inches of lift (i think)

took the '76 302 out, and put in the 5.0 from this truck. and converted it to carb after swapping the entire wiring harness over, and realizing i am not as good of an electrician as i thought i was (i'm a plumber, i guess i should stick with that)

I was left with an extra 302, and i was trying to figure out what to do with it. I have a rule: "if i dont need it to get me to work, I dont pay over $500." using this rule, i have acquired a 94 F150, 4 Bronco II's, and 2 Mustangs...... not too bad.
Should be fun. This is my first fox, and they seem to be put together in a very simple fashion, kinda like my Bronco II (just about anything bolts onto it).

My friend (who has around 5 or 6 foxs, and a couple 60's mustangs) said he may sell me the whole front subframe from one of his svo turbo cars. I think they have a better suspension, but either way, it should be a good upgrade
Well, the mustang is now sitting on makeshift stands with no wheels. The wheels in the pic were not part of the deal, i just used them to move the car. Thats ok, they are not my style, and i wont need them when i get the 5 lug stuff.

Still havent gotten the parts car yet. It has a tree growing around it, and another car in the way. Plus, its not exactly in the best part of town. Heres a little hint of that, the previous owner is serving 20 for manslaughter. Shanked a guy that caught him slashing his tires. He signed the title to his uncle, who sold it to me.

He said the best time to get the parts car is very early in the morning on sundays, before the drunks and druggies start moving around and getting nosy. I will post up some more pics when i get the parts car, hopefully this weekend.
Got the parts car out of the woods early this morning. Didnt have front tires or springs, and a tire and wheel was wedged underneath it. Oh yeah, and crap load of poison ivy everywhere. Just put my truck in 4 low and dragged it out. Got some tires on the front, and now its lined up to winch onto a trailer. Should be interesting with no front springs...

Unfortuneately, no trailer. I have 2 friends with trailers, but neither were available. Guess that means i need to save up and get my own. Someday...

Once i get all this stuff together, i would like to start a more organized build thread detailing my efforts. I read the rules, but i'm still a little confused as to the location for the thread. I believe it qualifies as a "build" thread since i will be putting it together myself, in my backyard, in the dirt.

Also, i should have quite a few extra parts left over, so i will read over the rules for selling on this site, and post it up once i get it all sorted out.
Here are some pics of the car today:






The PO really goobered up everything on this door. I have the panel, but no armrest or switches.

And the 81 parts car:



And the 86 that my friend traded with me:






I am stripping the parts I want from both cars. the parts he wants will be loaded into the orangish car and taken to him for saving and scrapping.

After a couple hours, here is how the orangish car sits: