KB Flowzilla owners come in please


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Nov 28, 2003
Utica, NY
i am looking at getting a KB Flowzilla or Blowzilla.......i have not run into anybody in my area
if you have one.....what are your thoughts on the unit, good or bad.
thanks for the help

i want instant torque!! :D
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i just did a search for "blowzilla" and found some things you may be interested in.

also, on the corral there was a huge kb post for fox bodies. it was something like 20 pages i believe with a ton of information. maybe try a search over there too.
Flavadave4 said:
i want instant torque!! :D

Then a KB is what you want. I want one too. :D

MM&FF ran an article a couple years ago called Proof Positive where they took a stone stock 302 with 185 AFR's, 3 cams (stock and 2 comp cams) and a KB Blowzilla.

In the end they had 456 hp and 485 ft/lbs at just 7.5 psi of boost. That's at the crank. In the graph's it was like 450+ ft/lbs at 3000 rpm or something ridiculous like that. The combo was incredibly simple and would be way easy to replicate. Can't remeber the issue though. It's on top of my magazine pile cause I was reading it last night.

I'll try to post the issue info tonight.
OK, got home and then remembered that I said I'd try to post this info. SO here it is.

The issue of MM&FF i reffered to is the May 2002 Issue. It has a '99-'04 convertible on the cover painted liek the American flag with a hot chick in front of the car. On page 228 you'll find the 'Proof Positive' article.

Cams tested were stock, XE258HR and XE274HR
Boost was 8.5, 7.5 and 7.5 psi respectively

Test was run in full street trim.

Stock Cam - 8.5 psi: 438 hp @ 6000 rpm & 437 lbs-ft @ 3900 rpm
XE258HR - 7.5 psi: 456 hp @ 5700 rpm & 449 lbs-ft @ 4100 rpm (had valve float at 5700 rpm)
XE274HR - 7.5 psi: 485 hp @ 6000 rpm & 456 lbs-ft @ 4100 rpm

Judging from the graph's power runs were made 3500-6000 rpm the biggest cma had torque starting at over 450 lbs-ft never dropping below about 425 lbs-ft.

HP was almost straight as an arrow at a 45 degree angle up to peak horsepower.

Figuring the norm of about 18% loss in drive line that's about 370 lbs-ft at the wheels and 398 hp. Bumping to 9psi would surely cross the 400 hp at the wheels mark and maybe bring lbs-ft pretty close too.
Lots of plusses... you won't be disappointed, that's for sure. My only negative is that there have been a couple of companies out there that have been threatening to produce an intercooler for hte 5oh and Blowzilla. Not a single one has made it to market yet. This is largely due to Kenne Bell jerking everyone around with their sales policies. They no longer ship their units to stores that want to keep them in stock. The result is that they're seriously limited the potential for resellers to make money on sales and installs. When customers have to wait for something to be shipped directly from KB instead of being bale to buy a kit off the shelf, they usually do something else. Hey Kenne Bell... if you happen to come across this thread... pull your heads out of your buckets!

Product wise... it's an awesome thing. I like it so well that my stock block will soon be retired in favor of a 331 specifically built to take full advantage of the KB. It should be a lot of fun. If you have specific questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them. I believe that I also have a pretty descriptive reply ready and in the can in my sent items here, if you would like for me to forward it to you.
Michael Yount said:
Daggar - got any experience with water/methanol injection to cool the charge on the KB?

No personal experience yet but it's on my list of things to do once Rick and I get around to completing (gotta start it first) the Dart block combo. Bob Kennedy has a custom setup for the KB. Relatively high pressure and touted as being very finely atomized. It sells in the $500 range with no resevoir but I consider him to be the authority on KB installs and tuning. I'm not thrilled with the idea of having to 'top off' an injection reservoir but there's quite a bit space underneath the cowl area that would be perfect for a good sized one with an externally mounted fill port and low level indicator.

As far as second hand knowledge goes.... I've seen some of the good and the bad. The bad ones are usually cheapo units that end up sapping more power than they free up. The word is that the secret is all in the atomization and window switching. There have been good results seen with boost activated switching and gear/RPM switching. Continuously running units are (for the most part) worthless.