Keyless entry wiring door locks HELP!


the ahead of you horseman
Aug 2, 2000
Belmont NC
Hey Guys,

I have been discussing my power door locks with Hissin50 via pm and he has been great helping me. I have not talked to him in a couple days and thought since I was sitting on the computer I would ask to see if any more gurus out there in power door lock land could help also. I own a 93 LX 5.0 liter that has power locks. When I purchased the car it came only with one small key and no keyless entry key fobs. I purchased an aftermarket keyless entry device and it does quite a few different things. Only thing is that the instructions say you must use the realys when operating the door lock/unlock features. I have been in the dash and know these pink wires ( all to well ) lol There is about 6 of these lil bastards and I honestly dont know how to wire the relays up to make this thing work. Can someone get really simplfied with me and tell me where my wires go on the relays and what wires to tap into.
Thanks for the help and Hissin50 may chime in as well. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

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