Let's talk about LUBE!!

1992 2.3LX

New Member
Dec 5, 2002
I was just curious as to what y'alls oil/filter combo was.

Is there something that the 4.6's like better than others?

Just curious because i am looking into getting a 96 GT and was wondering what i should run in it?
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mobil 1 5w30 with a motorcraft fl820s filter. the k&n filters are also good however the motorcrafts can be had for 2.97 from the wal mart. the 4.6 motors like synthetic. usually about a 5000 interval is good on them, a little more frequent if u race it often.
Mobil 1 5w30 w/ mobil 1 oil filter, got a deal going at autozone for 5 quarts of mobil 1 + mobil 1 filter (which is $12 on its own) for $29.99. Anyways, had to buy a separate quart of mobil 1 after I found out these things take 6 quarts. (first oil change)