LMFAO!!!!! Today at this!!!!!

I left home to go to a doctor's appointment this afternoon, and im heading towards Nashville, and I see this.....this thing...this abomination....this poor ****ing mustang that some dumb ****, dimwitted, no brained, low iq sporting, loser has riced out.

I see this...thing on the highway, and I damn near wrecked because I was laughing so ****ing hard that I had big horse turd teardrops coming down my face. I was howling even more when this idiot revved his engine and made an "attempt?" (if you can call it that) to race me...I just crept up there and kept him from cutting me off, finally I couldn't resist so I got on it and left him way behind.

I lmfao the entire way to Nashville....**** like this makes my ****ing day!

If you look closely at the top pic he has a sideways arrow < in red light bulbs glued to the driver side mirror, lovely looking vent guards, large ass ****ing wing, nasty body kit, and euro chrome outlined taillights, and some weird looking chrome antenna on the center rear part of the roof, among other **** that I can't even begin to describe that the photos don't show.

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View attachment 324836
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The car is um, sad. However, this "person" has helped pave the way to more mustang sales and aftermarket parts.

It's just too bad he didn't pick good ones. (parts)

I feel sorry for people that actually think this looks good.
I'm a car lover. I can appreciate cool cars of all makes and models. But, that's just wrong. If Ford wanted to build a Stang like that they would have. I've seen a few cars here in KC decked out like that one. Thank god they are few and far between. However, that's one reason why we live in a free country. As much as dislike these cars, I wouldn't have any other way. Pearl02.