Locking Lug Nuts

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whats a factory ford one look like? these were on the car when i bought it from another guy so i have no idea. I heard there is a Unversal one but the guy were i take my car for inspection said he broke his. Gonna try the socket idea guess i'll find out if it works
put a cutoff wheel on a dremel and cut flats on two sides of the lugnut then you can vise grip or wrench it off.

My bud jsut did the same thing and he found that the best method for him was the socket method. Use a craftmsan, they'll give you a new one after.

you could always have someone weld a nut onto them too.

Oh and my '99 wheels came with the ford locks, and it looks notheing like that. PM me if you want a picture of what my factory key looks like.