Long Island Cedar Beach

Hey all!!!

Last year I started to go to Cedar Beach off of Ocean Pkwy on Sat nights. After 5pm a bunch of American Muscle Cars gather in the beach parking lot. Now that I have a car that im proud of, im going to be attending every Sat night after Memorial Day unless it rains. I think we should have a meet one of those Sat nights, Chill have some drinks at the Beach Hut and look around at enough muscle to shift the rotation of the earth! :nice: Im hoping to have my exhaust done by the first weekend in June.
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I'm from Long Island also. Have you ever gone to the old Oak Beach Inn Parking lot on Sunday mornings? Every Sunday a ton of muscle cars show up between 7 and 10 am. Its great just to hang out and look at all the cars. I've been there many times when I had my Thunderbird and a couple of times with the Stang. I won't park it with the "big" boys though, because it is mostly stock. I just love to look at the old and new cars and what people have done to them.
Oh nice, yeah there is no way im waking up that early on a Sunday haha, where is that place anyway?

Ya...thats the bad part about is getting up that early on a Sunday. Its the parking lot just west of the Robert Moses bridge. The old Oak Beach Inn used to be there. But it really is quite a gathering...might be worth it one time to get up early and take a look. There has to be over 200 cars that show up on good weather days.