Longer Axles???

The Fox

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Mar 30, 2005
Port Elizabeth
Ok my plan was to pickup a detroit locker from ebay and get superior 31 spline axle kit from summit and then grab an 8.8 from my buddy's junk Mark VII.

Problem is some people here on stangnet say they are 3/4" longer on each side for a total 1.5". If I were to buy these axles would there be a chance that they just wouldn't fit???
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My recollection is that they're a TOTAL of 3/4" wider from lugnut to lugnut.


If all you're after is an 8.8 31 spline, then why not go with a set of Moser of STrange axles that are the stock length?
Ahhhh.... I see what you're saying now.

I think you are correct. They won't fit. You need to get axles that are of the 94/95 model year variety in 31 spline. Do not quote me however. Get with Mustang5L5. He seems to have all this sort of thing down cold.
The answer to this question all depends on what brake setup do you plan on running with this 8.8 rear end??

The housings are the same size between the Mark 7 and the Mustang. Mounting points for Control arms and quad shocks i'm not 100% on but in terms of mounting axles and such they are the same. Only the 99+ Mustangs have a wider housing.

Compared to stock fox axles, 94-98 SN95 axles are 0.75" wider each side while Mark 7/SVO axles are 1.5" wider EACH side. So if you plan on using Mark disk brakes, you will need axles specified for an SVO or Mark 7 with the 1.5"-longer-than-stock-fox-axle lenght.

Considering i'm working off 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours i'll answer this more once i've had a chance to sleep and refresh.