LSD, which is better?


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Aug 5, 2009
S.A. Tx
Been looking around but can't find much so maybe I can draw upon some you guys experience.

Looking to beef up rear axle with a 31 spline with up coming that means I'll have to match the LSD. Trying to finalize descision between Ford Racing LOK LSD w/ carbon disc or Eatons' version. Both boast peformance but Eaton charges a cool $240+ over Ford's price making it double. Is this justifiable? Is Eaton really superior where it would warrant a $240+ mark up:shrug:? Can't find any hard evidence on why. Maybe some of you have stories with these and can shed some opinions. Or even some other alternatives. Any help is greatly appreciated. :flag:
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Ive got the FRPP LSD which is the same as the 03 Cobras had. Way better than what the GT came with stock. Alternatively you could pick up a 31 spline locker from an Explorer and have it rebuilt with the FRPP CF clutch kit from AM. Would be the same as buying the Cobra locker but I don't know if it would be justifiable for the price...
hmmm... I wonder what life would be like with a working LSD? The LSD on the 97 has 173k miles and is very soft. The 88 still has an open diff. :lol:

Anyway, I'd definately buy the ford unit. It can be rebuilt, is cheaper and can be modified for better holding.